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Studying in Singapore


Your future starts with  Square Education Studio! 

(1) About US


Introduction of Square Education Studio


Square Education Studio (SES) is an international education consultancy and education training institution. We provide consultancy service to all international students who are looking for opportunities to study and work in Singapore. We provide one-to-one consultancy and put together a make-to-measure education plan for individual students based on an all-round assessment of their strengths, talents and needs.  


Square Education Studio is also an Institution that is registered with the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE). All courses and programmes provided are in accordance with the MOE syllabuses, including English language, Chinese and Higher Chinese, Mathematics and Science for students in Primary and Secondary schools, and Junior Colleges.


Our team includes ex-MOE teachers and professional student counsellors. Our highly experienced and professional Academic Mentors ensure high quality in the delivery of lessons and academic support given to all students. Professional counsellors are also available to help students and to take care of their physical and psychological wellness.


The Co-Founders


Outstanding Educator, Chloe


Chloe is an ex-MOE teacher with more than 15 years of teaching experience. She was a member of the schools’ management committee and has led the department teachers in planning and designing of curriculum, as well as trained teachers in lesson planning and development of resources. She has taught more than 2,000 students to date and helped them made significant improvement from failure or borderline grades to distinction. Based on her experience and in-depth understanding of the challenges that students faced in learning, the MOE syllabuses and examination formats, Chloe designed the Chinese Language framework “LEAPS & BOUNDS” based on tried and tested strategies.


Outstanding Student Counsellor and Global Consultant, Iris


Iris has more than 20 years of experience in business and youth mentorship. She devotes her time to guiding young people and aspires to bring positivity to their lives.


We are the Appointed Agent for the Following Schools 

  • British Council (Singapore)

  • Kaplan Higher Education Academy (KHEA)

  • Various Arts schools in Singapore


Awards and Media Features  

(2) Our Services


(a) Overseas Student Recruitment Department


One Stop Service

We Take Good Care of Students Studying in Singapore


  • All rounded guardian service to ensure students' wellbeing is well taken care of. 

  • Provide one-to-one education consultancy services to help students understand the details and choices of overseas study, and provide students with overseas study plan that caters to their individual needs.

  • Assess and identify suitable schools for students according to their individual strengths, talents and needs (international schools, private schools or the MOE schools).

  • Handle the procedures for school registration.

  • Handle the procedures for student pass application at the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA).

  • Handle the procedures for placement tests such as the IELTS and AEIS.

  • Arrange accommodation.

  • Provide airport pick-up.

  • Professional counsellors are always available to help students; ensuring the physical and psychological wellness of each student.

  • Establish employment opportunities for students after their graduation.

  • Handle the procedures for application of Singapore Permanent Resident.


How Do I Apply


  1. Choose the course that you wish to enrol into, fill in and submit the application. 

  2. Submit the necessary materials and application fees.

  3. Upon successful application, the school will assist to submit the necessary materials for application of your student pass.

  4. Students are required to acknowledge and sign on the Student Agreement and Contract.

  5. Upon successful application of student pass, students are required to submit payment for school fees and miscellaneous fees.

  6. If you request the school to arrange for accommodation, you are required to inform the school of your estimated date and time of arrival in Singapore.

  7. New students are required to report to the school for orientation.

  8. Students are required to collect your student pass, fulfil all administrative procedures and prepare for the start of school term.


Materials Required for Application


  1. Submitted application forms must be duly completed and signed by applicants

  2. Passport size photo (white background)

  3. Photocopy of passport (personal particulars page)

  4. Birth certificate (to be translated to English language)

  5. Certificate for highest education obtained (to be translated to English language)

  6. Results slips (to be translated to English language)

(b) Singapore Training Department


Programmes and Services by Square Education Studio

The support you need for academic excellence!


  • Tuition for all subjects and level

    • Primary, Secondary and Junior College

    • English, Chinese, Mathematics and Science


  • PSLE, ‘O’ level, ‘A’ level Intensive Revision

    • Primary, Secondary and Junior College

    • English, Chinese, Mathematics and Science


  • Holiday Classes


  • Creative Programmes – LEARN WITH LEGO! (Chinese, English, Mathematics)

    • Unique programmes created in-house

    • Learn Chinese, English and Mathematics with LEGO!

    • First of the kind in Singapore!

    • Develop in children various essential life-skills

    • Inspire in children an interest in learning Chinese, English and Mathematics


  • Immersion and Cultural Trips

    • Overseas trips to Europe, America, Australia and Asian countries for students studying in Singapore

    • Experiential learning and cultural immersion in Singapore for foreign students



(c) Overseas Department (Copyrights and Licensing)

Appointed Agent for Overseas Franchise of Pre-School Programmes


Square Education Studio is the appointed agent for overseas franchise of various renowned international pre-school programmes. We help to bring renowned pre-school brands and their proven programmes to overseas companies and individuals that share the aspiration to mould our future generations into successful individuals.


If you are looking for quality pre-school programmes with proven results to bring into China, Indonesia, Myanmar and Taiwan, Square Education Studio is the partner you are looking for.


Copyrights department of Square Education Studio specialises in the licensing of pre-school English, Chinese and Mathematics programmes in ASEAN countries. We are the copyright licensing agent for our unique in-house created pre-school programme, and various programmes of renowned pre-school organisation. Square Education Studio is also able to provide training and mentoring for pre-school teachers.

(3) Education System in Singapore


Why Choose Singapore? 


  • Safe country with low crime rate

  • Multiple educational pathways, high quality teaching force, well developed educational facilities, conducive learning environment

  • Bilingual learning environment (English and Chinese language)

  • Adult company allowed for children age 16 and below

  • Expenses are at least 30% lower in comparison to America and Europe

  • Certificates attained are recognised and accepted worldwide

  • Good employment opportunities with our help


Multiple Educational Pathways

Students are able to choose their educational pathways according to their talents and needs


  • Schools under the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE)

    • Government schools: primary schools, secondary schools, Junior Colleges, Polytechnics and Universities.


  • International Schools

    • Provide education in their Mother Tongue languages to foreigners residing in Singapore

    • Pre-school to high school education available


  • Private Schools

    • Some renowned Arts and Design schools include

      • Nanyang Academy of the Fine Arts (NAFA)

      • LaSalle College of the Arts

    • Some schools that provide courses from Secondary to Master degree include

      • Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)

      • Kaplan Higher Education Academy (KHEA)

      • BCA Academy


  • Courses provided prepare students for the workforce

  • Collaboration with renowned Universities such as the University of London, University of Nottingham, etc. The degrees conferred in Singapore is equivalent to the degrees attained in the universities overseas.  


Opportunities for Tertiary education

(Diploma, University and Postgraduate studies) in America, Europe and Australia


  • AEIS (Admission Exercise for International Students)

       7-16 years old

  • ‘O’ level Exam

       16 years old and above or

       Completed Secondary 3

  • ‘A’ level Exam

       17 years old and above or

       Completed year 2 of High School


Good Employment Prospects Upon Graduation


Square Education Studio has established partnership with numerous business associates who provide scholarships to international students with outstanding academic achievements.  Through the partnership, Square Education Studio is also able to help students to seek employment in these organization after their graduation. For example, Square Education Studio is able to link up students who have a keen interest in preschool education with Busy Bees group, the largest childcare provider in UK, to secure employment and professional training as a preschool educator. Training is fully paid by Busy Bees and students are also entitled to a salary during the training process.   

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