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About Us |


Square Education Studio is where students come together to connect, grow and inculcate critical thinking skills into their daily aspects of learning. We are a team of passionate educators who wants to make a difference to our students' learning journey. Our Academic Mentors aim to inspire in our students, good habits of learning, to equip them a strong foundation in critical thinking, and impart them with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in examinations.

We are ex - MOE teachers and tutors who are experienced and well-versed in MOE syllabuses. We are also committed to bring our students beyond what they learn and help them go far with the habits and skills they acquire at Square. 

Our Story |


Chloe has a passion to make a difference in the learning journey, the character and the life of the students who passes her hands. However, being an educator in school, a teacher’s time is often occupied by staff meetings, department meetings, level meetings, duties in Co-Curricular Activities (CCA), committees, etc. In comparison to all other responsibilities, classroom teaching and time spent with students became extremely valuable. She has always dreamt of the day where she can devote herself whole-heartedly to moulding the students’ character and learning. SQUARE is a dream come true for her. 

Iris has a 14 year old daughter who has a close bonding with her. They often chat with each other about anything and everything under the sun. Iris knows all her daughter’s friends and even has outings with them often. Through frequent interactions with young people, Iris’ interest in counselling grew and her passion to help young people in need developed. Today, she is a trained counsellor who aspires to bring positivity to the life of youngsters.

Chloe and Iris found out about each other’s aspiration and decided to set up a place where they could actualise their dream.

Our Story
About Us

Our Logo | 公司标志

Square gives people the feeling that they have a strong foundation in their life. Square symbolises firm foundation and an influence that ground people and inspires feelings of stability and dependable.


Square stands for 四面八方,八面玲珑。


Elephants are animals of superior intellect. They have the largest brain of any land animals, and as many neurons as a human brain. Elephants have impressive mental capabilities such as extraordinary memories, ability to identify languages and to solve problems.

Our Promise |


Our Team:

  • Ex-MOE teachers and experienced tutors

  • Well-versed in MOE syllabuses

  • Passionate Educators


Our Beliefs:

  • Inculcate critical thinking skills

  • Cultivates inquiry mindset towards learning

  • Make a difference to students’ learning journey

  • Inspire good habits of learning

  • Equip strong foundation in critical thinking


Our Strategies:

  • Effective questioning technique

  • Scaffold learning and probe understanding

  • Assess students’ thinking and understanding

  • Provide constructive feedback to improve 

Our Promise
Our Logo

Our Vision & Mission |


What Chloe and Iris would like SQUARE to be:

A place that is conducive for learning

A place where students’ doubts and concepts are clarified

A place where students’ questions are answered

A place where students feel assured

A place where students gain confidence


A place that shows learners the way to excel

A place that inculcates critical thinking

A place that imbues good learning habits

A place that grooms future scholars


Our Vision:

Reflective Learners   

Future Scholars


Our Mission:

Specific Teaching 

Quality Learning 

Unleash Potential  

Attain Successes 

Resilient Leader  

Effective Strategies 

Our Vision & Mission
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