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Our Framework

Score the distinction you desire in Chinese language!

Is your child constantly advised to speak, write and read more Chinese Language but you do not know how that can be achieved? Do you hope your child could get better grades in Chinese Language but you do not know how to get there?

Ms Chloe Lim is a highly experienced Chinese Language teacher who is previously from the MOE. She has more than 15 years of teaching experience and has taught more than 2,000 students to date, helping them to make significant improvement from failure or borderline grades to distinction. Ms Lim was also a member of the schools’ management team, and led the department in curriculum design and planning, as well as training and guiding the department teachers in lesson planning and delivery. 


Based on her in-depth understanding of the challenges that students face in learning Chinese Language, the MOE Chinese Language syllabuses and the national examination format, Ms Lim designed the unique Chinese Language framework “LEAP & BOUNDS” based on tried and tested strategies for Primary and Secondary Chinese Language.


Come to Square to find out about the unique step-by-step approach to help your child improve his Chinese Language.

Experience how learning is made simple @ Square Education Studio!

Student's Testimonial


“I have never liked Chinese and did not cared about passing the subject. However, few weeks into the term, I noticed a change in my classmates’ attitude, they became eager to do well for Chinese.


Ms Chloe Lim put in a lot of effort to make sure that we were always on track and never once gave up on us. Nobody believed that we could do well in the ‘O’ level Chinese examination as we were in the last class. It was the first time I passed my Chinese at the Preliminary examination! This inspired me to work even harder for the ‘O’ level examination. My hard work paid off when I scored an A2 at the national examination. Nobody thought I could do it, or anyone from the last class could do well for Chinese but my classmates and I proved them wrong! All thanks to Ms Lim for guiding us consistently throughout the year. “

Lim Wei Qin

(Secondary 4E, 2014) 

“My Chinese Language grade was a C6 in secondary 3, however, under the guidance of Ms Lim, I attained an A2 at the ‘O’ levels examination. I attribute the success all to Ms Lim, her lessons were informative and interesting. Through her guidance, I acquired the techniques of answering comprehension questions well and improved my writing skills for emails and compositions.”

Dominic Teo Kai Jun

(Secondary 4E, 2017)

“Miss Lim is the most dedicated teacher I have come across. She is very passionate about teaching and under her guidance, my Chinese Language improved tremendously, from grade 5 to grade 2 at the ‘N’ level examination.


She puts in effort to search for innovative methods to make lessons interesting so that we can learn beyond the textbooks. She made learning simple for us and to me, she is a friend who shares her knowledge. Ms Lim’s teaching has always been clear and concise.


Miss Lim has prominent communicative skills and possesses the qualities to be an outstanding teacher. I recommend her without reservations, knowing she is eminently worthy of top consideration in the education profession.”

Chua Wei Hao, (Secondary 3 – 4NA, 2007-2008)

“Under the guidance of Ms Chloe Lim, my Chinese Language made remarkable improvement, from F9 to B3! 


I love your teaching methods and your dedication in lesson preparation has helped me to understand the lessons better. You have always made it a point to clarify any doubts that we have. You have made huge impact in my life. You have built a strong foundation for my Chinese Language and henceforth my attainment of tremendous improvement in Chinese Language. I even attained A1 at ‘O’ level examination this year, all thanks to you, Ms Lim!”

Yap Jun Wei (Secondary 4E, 2017)

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