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MA BRICKZ - Learn Mathematics with LEGO! 

Highly recommended for children age 5-9 years old

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“Children learn best when they are actively involved in learning

  • Have first-hand experience of the things about which they are learning

  • Be active in the construction of their own knowledge of the world through experiences that have meaning for them

  • Represent their ideas and thoughts using a range of expressive forms

  • Interact with adults who are knowledgeable, observant and sensitive, who are able to work alongside them, share their learning and support their thinking and representation

  • Make thoughtful choices and decisions about what resources they use and how they use them”


Jacqueline Duncan and Madeline Lockwood

Learning Through Play

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What is MA BRICKZ?


MA BRICKZ is yet another in-house creation by Square Education Studio following the success of our CL BRICKZ programme. As with the principle behind the BRICKZ programme, MA BRICKZ is created with the intention to bring Mathematics education to live!


MA BRICKZ develops a child holistically and builds the following skills in children   

  • Mathematics concepts and skills

  • Essential Life skills, e.g. collaboration, communication, logical thinking, problem solving, social-emotional skills, etc 

  • Personal traits, e,g, self-confidence, think-out-of-the-box, etc

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Why choose MA BRICKZ?

Mathematics is challenging to many children. However, MA BRICKZ makes learning the many mathematical concepts EASY and INTERESTING! Grasping concepts of Time, Length, Fractions, Money, Shapes, Statics, Multiplication, Division, Mass and Volume, etc, will no longer be confusing for children.


Benefits of learning Mathematics through MA BRICKZ

  • Engaged learning through hands-on approach, exploring, understanding, sharing of ideas and collaborating

  • Simplify abstract mathematical concepts, making learning process easier and more interesting

  • Inspires curiosity for the environment 

  • Inspires creativity and ability to create

  • Motivates interest for learning

  • Children work together to construct and discover their world 

Course Fee


  • Deposit of $200 per student (refundable)

  • Material fee of $50 WAIVED for one module

  • 16 lessons per module

  • Total of 3 modules per year

New sign-ups are entitled to 

  • FREE diagnostic test (by appointment only)

  • Registration fee WAIVED

  • First month material fee WAIVED

For more details and to book a FREE trial lesson, contact us at:

T: +65 68449003 | F: +65 68449013 |

E: | W:

1 Marine Parade Central #08-09 (Parkway Centre) Singapore 449408

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